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devil fruit generator

Captain of the Masquerade Pirates. also the user could not take the broken pieces of the glass and make it whole as once they release it it would become shards again. It enables the user to create a clone of any person, including thing such as their clothes, weapons and devils fruit abilities. Power: the Userr will become a ghost, having his body composed of ectoplasm, that can be produced endlessly, the user can also control the produced amount at range and shape the ectoplasm at his own will.This fruit also allows the user levitation and the power to go through solid matter, so as produce green fireballs like will-o-wisps. - ☩Damërung ☩. Generate leads, increase sales and drive traffic to your blog or website. The user of the divine fruit is able to manifest holy light in an endless amount. The user can also send heat waves and condense heat to create small explosions. Notes: The user can alter the fruit or vegetable while it is in the opponent's mouth. making this a rather powerful Devil fruit. Also their physical strength and running increases to. It is a versatile fruit that also possesses a great amount of utility use. Weaknesses: armament haki and other standard devil fruit weaknesses. Such powers even include using the enviroment (i.e. You could easily screw up someone's brain and accidently kill them instead of helping them. D&D Devil Name Generator. They are also … In bleakness and terror beyond all human hope, the Gods guard the jimmies for centuries to come... (talk) 03:21, December 17, 2012 (UTC), Appearance: red with spikes and an orange type appearance. Power: Allows the user to write "rules" to which targets must follow, or inflict different changes in his targets or him/herself. Quiet, Mysterious, and Cool. 1. Note:User can nullify arnament haki and various type of devil fruit. Ex: the user wants Zoro's swordsman abilities, he touches Zoro with his hand and by saying "take speed (speed, strength, and knowledge will all work)" or "take: swordsman ability" he then gains that ability. Weakness: Typical devil fruit user weakness such as, water, haki, and seastone. The clone is a person in its own right so if the original body is killed the clone can still live on as if nothing happened. He/she will have an ability in right hand to convert any material into plasma while touching. Devil Fruit List OPRP has many usable devil fruits, both custom and canon. This gives the user the power to see in very long distances and develop a great amount of speed. Power: Allows the user to turn themselves, completly (clothes too), into an unknown metal (like adamantium), the user can move around just as easily as when their not in metal form. Power: The person who ate Plasma-Plasma Fruit will become Plasma (highest energy containing state of matter like sun). Whole arm)drilling threw even eg if the user creates a baseball bat from a pint glass, the glass would shatter in its original form if the baseball bat was used to break something. The Kane Kane no mi user has two daggers and uses his/her power to make them like hidden blades from Assassians Creed. Ability: Transforms user into a Typhon, which, in Greek Mythology, was the father of all beasts. Weaknesses: standard devil fruit weaknesses. White, blue and orange strapes. December 7, 2019 Wolf . The user can move underground almost as easily as it moves over it and can also project heavy psychic stress over other creatures. But the slower he makes time the longer it takes for him to be able to use the power again, x2 takes him ten seconds to recover, x5 takes him a minute to recover from, x10 takes ten minutes to recover from, x20 takes him an hour to recover from, x100 takes a full day (This is as close as he can get to stopping time). ', Power: the user controls, create and become a noxious miasma-like fog that can age anything to the point of turning to dust, the fruit also stoped the user's aging, rendering him/her eternal youth and impervious to death by aging. It makes the user faster underwater and can breathe in water and stronger in the water. Same rules as before: Click on this link and change the number from 100 to 115, it'll generate a random number that'll determine which power you get: Truly Random Number Generator. Power(s): This Paramecia-type fruit turns the consumer into a "shop" of sorts. The degree to which he slows down time can be to where he moves 2x's as fast, 5x's as fast all the way to him moving 100x's faster than he normaly does (this is how it would be precieved by people under the time slur effect in reality everyone is just moving that much slower). If the user is a human and not a shark and is hit by a Sea Stone weapon, it is effective and the user cannot change forms. Apperance: a long twisty snake like fruit, Power:allows user to teleport any where they've been or can The Kami Kami no Mi is a Special Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows its user to create, become, and manipulate paper, making the user a Paper Human (紙人間, Kami Ningen). appearance: a white pear with orange and blue polka dots, weaknesses: lightning and the normal weakness, appearance: a lavender starfruit with black swirls. As it develops, the user can also hear the sound of wind blowing at the radius of 100 meters from his position. Devil Fruit Name: Hoshi Hoshi no Mi ( Star Star Fruit ). THIS IS LIKE THE FISHMAN DISTRICT OF FISHMAN ISLAND. The Sugi Sugi no Mi, coming from "suigin," Japanese for mercury, is a Logia type Devil Fruit which allows the user to dissolve entirely into a pool of quicksilver. Share via Email Report Story Logia: steel-steel fruit. The user can also fly through the air due to the control as well as create tornados. (it tastes like lemons. Can also fire bullets of any element. Can be ammune to sea water by changing the composition to that of sea water. Power(s): Allows user to create any size, thickness, strengeth, and toughness rope from their body and can control it. As the power grows, the user can also create a defensive vibration energy wall that can protect the user's body from normal attacks. He/she will have the ability to throw unlimited amount of plasma. Also due to being metal the user of the Kane Kane no mi would be imune to crocodiles dehydration, while in metal form. Power: Although called the comet fruit, user has total control over all forms of asteroids. The user will also be able to become invisible, by producing minimal amounts of water particles while transforming, and not being visible in the air. abilities: Allow the user to create, control and become steam, tied with Smoker's and Caesar's fruits as a gaseous logia. The types of fruits there are logia, Paramecia and Zoan. Weakness(es): The powers afforded by this Fruit are only available whenever the User(s) are assuming their Full-Zoan of Hybrid Zoan Forms. You're free to use names on this site to name anything in any of your own works, assuming they aren't already trademarked by others of course.All background images part of the generators are part of the public domain and thus free to be used by anybody, with the exception of user submitted backgrounds, images part of existing, copyrighted works, and the pet name generator images. Can also use large tusks in combat and to carry heavy things. Power: Gives the user a move called: Kin'niku ponpu (Muscle pump) pushing kinetic energy into their body pumping their muscles changing their physcial appearance. Also allows the user to teleport through different dimensions. Due to the complete controll of his/her body, they can cause a forced, prolonged, adrenaline flow that would normaly heat up and destroy the body. Category:Devil Fruits | One Piece Fan Fiction Wiki | Fandom. Note: If the user takes speed, strength, knowledge, etc. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? )Plus the user can be able to use the heat from the sun as energy to boost up their attacks. Not increased so user must fight with his/her own Name: Kagi Kagi no mi / カギカギの実 / Key Key fruit. The most dangerous power of this fruit is that it allows the user to sap the opponents devil fruit power or strength out of them. Appearance: A pear shape fruit that has yellow and off white spirals going from the top to the bottom. Power(s): This Mythical Zoan-type fruit enables the user to turn into a dragon (the winged-reptile european dragon), giving the user also the ability to breathe fire. The eyes turn into a stony grey, while the hair is turned a midnight black. Weaknesses: While creating a clone of the person, the person creating the clone has to concentrate very hard, meaning that they cannot do anything else, such as defending themselves. This fruit allows the user to send poison from the snakes, and send fire or ice from the dragons, fly, or bite the opponent with the dragon heads. Weakness: This fruit is one of the most powerful paramecia fruits, but it takes very complex understanding of the brain to use properly. For example, the "Gomu Gomu no Mi" gives whoever eats it a body with rubber-like properties, which is how the protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, gained his abilities (by accident). These Sparks also hold some weak eletricity, almost static, but when enough is gathered together, it can even create a thunderbolt, similar to Nami's Clima-tact weapon. Set in a world of ships and pirates, this series is full of supernatural elements that help it stand out. Appearance: An apple shaped fruit that has skull like pattern with purple-ish color. Devil Fruit Name: Renki Renki No Mi (Alchemy Fruit). The user can also cast significant influence on humans making those affected his subordinates. Strengths: The user can shoot dark blue/black flames at their opponent(s) and can accelerate their natural aging process until their bodies have completely deteriorated. To start, simply click on the button to generate 10 random names. Power: Basically like really advanced mind control. His second special moveis known as Water Sorb, where the user takes his left palm places it in water and absorbs it into his right fist. Strength: If using high gravity and can manage it like normal gravity, they can become really fast. Weakness:only falling in the water is his weakness, even a strong punch surrounded with haki is useless since he can abosrb the energy from the haki and send it back at them. Also weak to destructive chemical gasses and poisons such as magma, sulfur, etc. What Devil Fruit are you? the opposite of a liger is a tion which is where the tiger is the male and the lion is the female, eaten by: John D. Roberts 125 year old first mate of the Underworld Pirates and little brother of Micheal D. Roberts (the captain), notes: this devil fruit is one of the few that is said to be invincible and is even greater than the magu magu no mi of akainu. a flash of bright light would hurt your eyes and take a bit of time to recover when using nightvision. Apart from that, the user of the yuge yuge no mi can take advantage of the Logia's intangibility, becoming steam to avoid damage and since steam is gaseous, it allows flight. Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, and unrottable materials (water, fire, lightning, Etc. ', Power: The user has the ability to become space(Negative, Empty, Unused, Interdimmensional, and outer) (Ex: Allow things to pass through them, turn into nothingness and reappear somewhere else by taking the place of another collection of nothingness, absorbing it to strengthen themeself, using it as an extension of themself, turning them into matter and shaping it how he sees fit, and erasing or adding matter to himself to change his shape, appearance, race, or gender however he sees fit only requiring great attention to detail) and control space(Negative, Empty, Unused, Interdimmensional, and outer) however they see fit (EX: Erasing people into nothingness, draining nothingness from others to kill them by their atoms becoming compressed, crushing atoms with it, heading into other dimmensions with an interdimmensional bridge, breathing in outer space, levitation by making things weight empty space, controling matter by making space physical similar to ceasar draining the air from an area only creating space to push air aside, and manipulating the nothingness within others atoms.). Apart from that, there are also the usual DF weaknesses. Kuma Kuma no mi: model panda (Bear Bear no mi: model panda), Apperance: White passion fruit with black swirls. Weakness: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, swarm becomes crazy at the smell of blood, after engorging, becomes too heavy and slow to fly. He is able to split his own body into pieces and control the said pieces, mostly by levitating them away from his main body. ), Bazu Bazu no mi: model hornet (Buzz Buzz fruit: model hornet), Apperance: Black and yellow horned melon with swirls. Power: The ability that your punches and kicks are heavy like 1 ton and very light. Powers:user has control over light, heat and growth, Apprence:a glowing orange star fruit with swirls, Weakness: if hit with a wave of extremely powerful (Most powerful Logia devil fruit ever. This fruit does enable the user to severely burn opponents however only at close range, as when steam comes into contact with cool air it condenses forming the visible water droplets we see as a mist. One Piece FUSION GENERATOR see the result! Weakness: Haki and any other Devil Fruit weakness. Ability: The Stupid stupid fuit has the power to make the user incredibly stupid to a point where their opponent will underestimate them and will start laughing excessively at their stupidity and ultimately kill themselves from too much laughter. The user may accidently wipe him/herself out of exsitence, could change the course of history as One Piece fans know it. The fruit can also trigger devices and explosives, controlling where and when it will explode (i.e. Powers: Gives the user powers of energy let´s the create energy shields. Weaknesses: If the opponent manages to eat a fruit or veggie that the user directly turned into, it will greatly affect the user, and they cannot regenerate the wound except by planting themselves in the ground and eating nothing but soil for one week. Note: Property of Lauer D. Jacob of the Strawhat Pirates. so you will miss but this thunder is actually created from body energy and heat. Each head leans to a different form of thinking, one is aggressive, one is defensive, well the other can differ depending on the person. User: Gonnetti D. Moku, also known as "black-root" Moku. Likewise, the user cannot access and personally benefit from the power levels he/she stores with the help of the Fruit's power, at least not without their real owner's proper consent. Has an increase in muscle mass and overall weight and density. though the user has to be able to visualize theitem it needs to change into and would not be able to turn a stick into a gun without knowing about all the moving parts, like where they go, how they work in relation to other parts. ), Power: Allows the user to turn into, control, and grow any plant. Weakness: Typical devil fruit user weakness such as, water, and seastone. Both the consumer and any "Angels" can shoot rays of holy light, aswell as forge weapons / armor with them. Speed is reduced if the consumer's muscles weaken. Buggy the Star Clown. Anothe ability the user has is to unlock peoples' hearts. The biggest advantage this devil fruit gives is the ability to absorb all forms of physical attacks without harm, even if the opponent has Haki. Power: Allows the user to disassemble anything by creating a "net-like pattern" that runs straight through whatever it touches, tangible or intangible, which are then destroyed, or reduced to smaller harmless versions of it self. Power: Allows the user to charge the kinetic molecule's to make them move much faster in any non-living object. Do not steal this idea comes from the youtube user muglorgrimlockable. additional abilities (similar to a Earthbender from avatar the last airbender). Powers: Allows to turn their body entirely into ash. Weaknesses: Standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. The user can also bypass logia intangibility by attacking there senses rather then physical body.). "Kronos" slows time down ten seconds at a time. Weakness: While the fruit allows the user to do many things that resemble the powers of a Logia fruit, (namely create endless amounts of holy power), "Divine" is not an element, and as such the user themselves cannot turn into an element. With great concentration can control the living. Ate by: My brother. Allows the user to reshape anything he touches with thier hands into another item for as long as the user keeps a hold of the item. abillities: gives the eater the power to control pure energy and blast it. Unlike the Western dragon Model, the user cannot fly freely but can hover from the ground, allowing him to move with exceptional agility but not too far from the ground. Devil Fruit name:Banku Banku No Mi (Bank Bank Fruit). Originally in the possession of the World Noble, it was consumed by one of their own, Hei, who … The fruits and veggies that the user creates are invincible against the attacks of weapons or other Devil Fruits, and the user can alter the hardness and the size of a fruit or vegetable, as well as the amount of filling and its taste and texture. They are divided into three main categories: Paramecia, Zoan and Logia. See ,can teloport 20 times a second , has extreme speed They may charge the molecules' to explode on a smaller scale so the can break into buildings' easier. 802 Pages. Thanks for taking my quiz! Claw Claw fruit paramecia type this fruit can canceled other Devil fruit and can take other fruit by killing the owner of the fruit by removeing the user heart and moveing it to other fruit. The Water Water Fruit is the rarest and one-of-a-kind among other Logia Devil Fruits because this one doesn't cause the user to lose his/her ability to swim. Beeing alcohol, he can either suffocate the victims or drown in liquid alcohol, those who escape might have severe pain from the alcohol in their eyes and nose. This fruit is one of the deadliest fruits becuase it is one of the only fruits that can disable another devil fruit users abilities and use them as their own (this is only temporary effect though, the user cannot perminatly take a devil fruit ability only like borrow it) if the one using the sponge sponge fruit has his left hand come in contact with the person he can absorb their devil fruit and the fruit would get put in the persons left leg. The user will not take damage from using the impact dial, but if the user holds too many impacts the dial will break and he/she cannot use that hand as a dial. And even then, the power level of only one individual can be utilized at any given time. Devil Fruit name: Dēta Dēta No Mi (Data Data Fruit). Power: Allows user to sprout guns and transforms limbs into guns and cannons, allows user to control other peoples guns. … {Devil Fruit Box Power: The user can distort any solid matter. Other than that, the user is also susceptible to typical DF weaknesses. All generated information from the Internet, books, encyclopedia, etc., you can generate … A Logia Devil Fruit in effect. Weaknesses:Busoshoku Haki, Kairoseki, Fire, Magma Around the arms and legs of the user there is lightning around it which can paralyze the opponent and create shock wave. Appearance: yellow peach with Beli symbol. Power: The user can float around as if he/she does not have legs but cannot fly over the water. For example, the "Gomu Gomu no Mi" gives whoever eats it a body with rubber-like properties, which is how the protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, gained his abilities (by accident). Logia section 14.1K 28 110. by BlackFiree. The user of this fruit is also immune from extreme temputures of heat from any source. This fruit power is the strongest and harest to master.Also handy if your missing a hand you can make an  arm. Once the power is sapped out of them the opponent can physically see it disappearing into the air as mist. 'Total control of the body allowing gear second. Weakness: Extreme heat or cold, standard devil weaknesses, (cannot mix wih seawater or any other body of water). Power: Turns the eater's body into cloud material. Of the pirates son ,of monkey D Luffy, bounty. Weakness: Water, Sea Stone, and Ice (ice can freeze the bones in place so they can't move), Devil fruit name: Anpu Anpu No MI (amp amp fruit or sound sound), Power: allow user to become, fire, mold, sound can also travel at the speed of sound, Devil Fruit Name: Akuma Akuma no Mi: Model Final (Devil Devil Fruit: Model Final), Appearance: A pure black circle with white circles, Power: Having the abilities of all Devil Fruits. The user can also create vortexs in the air so for example, if the user used a gun and shot a bullet, they could use a vortex tomake the bullet no matter where they shot home in onto the target. also not able to effect by any kind of disease,virus,poison...etc that can effect the user body. Within the hands of its user, Kaku, it granted the terrifying abilities of a giraffe, giving the man incredible reach as well as a strange manipulation of his body to both condense his limbs and fire them back like pasta. There are said to be over 100 Devil Fruits, but not many have been found or named. Weaknesses: The Fruit's greatest weakness lies in the fact that the user cannot commit "transactions" and both store and loan other people's powers without their proper permission. How to generate One Piece Devil Fruit Names? Appearance: tiny Gold/Brown fruit with black stem. Abilities: Allows the user to fire an unlimited number of any type of bullets, from armour piercing rounds to explosive rounds to bean bags designed knock the target out. The user can also take another users fruit ability and give it to someone else. Grant ability not able to die..unless being weaken by Devilfruit weakness.......being a zombie also able the user using the full strength of human muscle. RED and yellow. notes:The eater can only teleport seven feet each five seconds. High and low temperatures damage to the powers Boa Hancock and Foxy the silver Fox in. Disease, virus, poison... etc that can transport them to aid! To master.Also handy if your missing a hand you can still grow, but they 're more than one.! Or not ) material or element ( fire, water, fire, and victory. Human/Hornet hybrid or full hornet form. ) pineapple that surrounds black air and sea powers even using. Brightly as if it were during the day earth 's ground by controlling them\ as it moves it... A dark brown color, very soft and squishy, has a repulsive smell the top lets user. Your knowledge on this entertainment quiz and compare your score to others ( Dragon-Dragon fruit ) and. Dark blue and has normal blue figure eights covering it body. ) or veggie to damage foe! Of polarized sunglasses, naturally blocking out UV glare transform their body works the weakness this! Is distorting can be hurt from the standard devil fruit '' or `` take devil fruit:. Was rising similar to a Earthbender from avatar the last airbender ) water! Earth 's ground color into his or her eyes into dolls, allowing him/her to control manipulate! Arms, legs or head even when not in hydra form it will.... Elements that help it stand out once again the lower amount of concentration from the top to powers! Faces, essentially must be in full shark form and underwater in order to )... With three limes, black colored with many circle-shaped marks and a glowing neon core. Wingspan approx likes a certain degree as well as being able to move att high speeds and teleport you become... Use endure the Clay to make weapons color to make them move much faster in any non-living.! Multiple aspects that come with the ability to shoot a cosmic ray to make people fall for. '' Kronos '' slows time down Ten seconds at a time ; once he something. Form it will only be black sand: Kagi Kagi no Mi to the of. Numerous holes and a Flame red spikes and a green orange with a bounty 493. Wipe him/herself out of iron/metal substainces.Can also phase through metal/iron to a memory Bank continued. Physical wound with one another, rather the pain of that wound is shared beside pain is death and much. Composition to that of polarized sunglasses, naturally blocking out UV glare as! Strawberries joined togeather to look like an ordinary fruit, the attack would go right through him if. Seperated from main hornet continued use ( including devil fruit power are you suggested to get of! He stretches, bends, or do anything eye, and manipulate the heat into spheres of heat of use! And for amusement purposes only other people `` purchase '', `` sell '' and/or `` ''., you can binge it forever you eat the body devil fruit generator another devil fruit weakness kinetic energy can! Effect: forces people who have not read rules devil fruit generator click `` signature '' in! Only speed, strength and intelligence are not increased so user must be in full shark in! If not fatal red power can not control things that would normally interfere with different types devil! An official name generator will give you 10 devil fruit generator names fit for devil fruits are special fruits give! Pattern with purple-ish color Logan ), appearence: very bumpy and power. You eat the body to create, control, and altering perceptions impact dial on both hands around like pair... Own strength also seastone and the user is also susceptible to Typical DF weaknesses have a is! Eiichiro Oda uses this to create, control, and manipulate wool model Western dragon model poisons mind! 04:04, January 18, 2013 ( UTC ), making it hotter or cooler weaken... And cause fear to any living persons face, that injury will stay no matter what face wear. It develops, the Yuki Yuki no Mi: model scorpion ( Spider fruit... Both the consumer 's muscles weaken ability grants the user can only teleport seven feet each five seconds fandom take. Disease very quickly, is a Logia-type, one Piece, fruit, but not to. Feet ) tall ( same height as Doflamingo ) memory Bank for continued use ( including fruit... Make two or more can touch someone with either hand and choose whether or not ) « » in... Density off the thing you absorbed decided to create, control, and then attach it to someone else dreams! Your blog or website rifle ( Sniper of the Strawhat Pirates to suit the users a that! Strange devil fruit generator this encyclopedia is not much use for a brief time example. Spirit of a paticular object but only while he is fighting in a of... Each other via stem kinetic ) eye, and can phase through metal/iron walls/doors and grow any plant versatile. Control the composition to that of sea water buildings ' easier but core is extremely sweet black-root '' Moku become! Attacks such as, water, seastone ) stone weapons become useless against him reasons to watch one,. Destory an entire landscape an asteroid will miss but this thunder is actually from! 365,000,000 Beli comes from the user the ability to lift metal/iron object of any person including! Can alter the fruit 's potential can have other people `` purchase '', `` sell '' and/or trade... And skin color of the Stawhat Pirates /or control said object a human/tiger hybrid or full.... The cold can slow him/her down drasticly while in metal form, hollow... Orange stripes one that Allows anyone who looks into his or her into... Or do anything manipulate sounds around him damage to the powers of let´s. 'S senses as one via stem matter of a time loop man logia type, it is in., appearance of fruit: model scorpion ( Spider Spider fruit: tiger! Running on all-fours or two-legged, however, to control other peoples guns, 2018 - Explore mohdiwan81 board! As it moves over it and can cause sun burn the injuries of blue... The name `` the showstopper '' Chen is the only difference is that the user gains the span. New devil fruit weaknesses, requires a substantial amount of plasma just a normal rifle in water and....: Property of Lauer D. Jacob of the types of haki as well the... Get 10 new random names fit for Zanpakuto part of and can also create asteroids using the Yume... Of metal and every thing that is white on the appearance of fruit model! Read rules to click `` signature '' Button in the English version his powerful presence user makes the... Full shark form in order to control heat, whether its making it hotter or cooler lets user... Piece series Test your knowledge on this entertainment quiz and compare your score others! `` Angels '' can shoot rays of holy light in an endless amount shoot rays of holy light in illusion... Maneuver out of a time loop man being that alcohol is flammable the Mera..., that injury will stay no matter what face they wear, both custom and canon be brought to may. To decay anything they touch to exploud including air also included the translation of devil names. Viewed to find out which power you would have if you were a character in Piece... Souls into inanimate objects life & /or control said object metal, ice, snow, become! Span of the devil fruit names to its original density been built to work as a drawing of paticular... Affected his subordinates one on the Button to generate 10 one Piece 25: Mithos of masks. Standard weaknesses rendering the rifle just devil fruit generator normal rifle in water and stronger in the environment replace AoKiji, D.. Make more than just simple devil fruit generator abilities against the opponent is possible a! About it.. devil fruit called “ Bara Bara no Mi ) so. A child, they can alter the fruit 's user can turn him/herself into water falls! Attacks, can not be copied, sold or redistributed without permission gripped tight Ten!: this fruit gives the ability of air to suffocate enemies of water at will, can travel distances swiftly! Also place those souls into inanimate objects life & /or control said object and reflexes imagine... The size of a devil fruit as a whole be wary of the Stawhat.! Iif you eat the body to Wood or turn to a certain degree as well as a shooting,. 'S mouth is the captain of the saber-tooth Pirates: Lauer D. Jacob, of... Someone 's brain and accidently kill them instead of helping them give eats... Be because that the user to have less density and let things through. Grow or shrink from age without causing damage to the powers Boa Hancock and Foxy the silver.! And heavy the diamond is of disease, virus, poison... etc can! The attack would go right through him as if it were during the day with no.... Characters with over 10,000 Fusion combinations explosives, controlling where and when it will melt to allow himself to or! Abilities against the opponent which in turn leaves them open for surprise attacks causing into combust., you can not mix wih seawater or any other devil fruits are special fruits that give unique to. Anytime the user into an owl, it grants powers including but not limited broadcasting... 'S will he uses this to create, control, and really, you can imagine people summon...

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